Patent Costs and other Legal Fees


NOTE:  Patent costs and other legal fees do not include USPTO fees, fees for forms preparation, drawing fees, or subsequent legal services such as, but not limited to, prosecution of the patent or trademark application after initial filing. Patent costs and other fees may be adjusted based upon various factors such as, but not limited to, the complexity of the project and rush services. All fees are subject to change without notice. Nothing herein should be considered a guarantee or a promise. Please contact us for more information.

Patent Search

United States and PCT Patentability Search -

includes copies of located patents from patent search

- regular Search With Patentability Opinion $750

- Rush Search With Patentability Opinion $1,500

Provisional Patent Applications

Preparing Provisional Patent Applications (PPA)               $2,300 **

** PPA fees credited towards preparing U.S. Utility Patent Application

U.S. Utility Patent Applications

Preparing U.S. Utility Patent Application (Does not include Drawings)*

- Mechanical Patent Applications $5,500

- Electrical Patent Applications $6,000

- Software Patent Applications $6,000

- E-Commerce Patent Applications $6,000

** PPA fee credited towards U.S. Utility Patent Application

U.S. Design Patent Applications

Preparing U.S. Design Patent Application From $1,500**

**Includes preparing and filing most responses to USPTO office actions or other interactions with USPTO examiners up to the time of allowance. The fee does not include preparing and filing subsequent, if necessary, continuations or appeals. The stated fee does not include drawing fees or USPTO filing fees.


Trademark Searches

United States Federal Trademark Registration Search & Opinion per class of goods/services $750

Trademark Applications

United States Trademark Application (word or design) $750**

Massachusetts State Trademark Application $200

**Includes preparing and filing responses to USPTO office actions or other interactions with USPTO examiners from time of filing to allowance, abandonment, or, but not including, to the time an opposition is filed.


Conforming Foreign Patent Applications to U.S. Practice**

Preparing, filing, and prosecuting international patent applications**

** Patent costs for PCT applications are quoted on a per case basis.


Copyright Applications

United States Copyright Application - includes filing fee.    $300

General Fees

Patent Attorney Hourly Rates $300 / hour

Legal Assistant Hourly Rate  $60 / hour


Patent algorithm development

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U.S. Copyright

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Virtual Patent Marking

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